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Episode 228: And We’re Back!

I'm back with talk about quilts, travels and Travis! For pix, go to!

Episode 227: The Ocracoke Edition

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Greetings from Ocracoke Island (plus a little from Durham, NC)! For links, head over to

Special Announcement: The Quiltfiction Podcast has Dropped!

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The Quiltfiction podcast is up and running, and if you go here-- --you can listen to the first three chapters of Friendship Album, 1933. Go listen! Tell me what you think!


Episode 226: Happy Podcastiversary!

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It's been eight years since I started this thing--can you believe it? Leave a comment over on the Off-Kilter Quilt site to be entered into a giveaway!

Episode 225: Done, Almost Done, Just Beginning

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I've got quilt projects at all stages of the game! Check out the pix at!

Episode 224: O Spring, Where Art Thou?

Baby, it's cold outside, but there are quilts inside, so we're okay!

Go to for pix (though there aren't that many).

Episode 223: Little Thread Spiders Everywhere!

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One of the problems with quilting with black thread and wearing socks is that you track little black spiders all through the house. For latest pix, head to!

Episode 222: Block Party!

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I've been making blocks like nobody's business! For pix, head on over to

Episode 221: Get Back on that Quilt Pony!

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Finally started working on Sweep Exit and again and hope to have it finished ... soonish. Listen to the episode for all of my quilty news!

Episode 220: Happy New Year, Margaret!

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Margaret Goes Modern is ready for reading! Learn more here:

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